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CRRA:  www.carolinarefugee.org

Since 1996 Carolina Refugee Resettlement Agency (CRRA), an affiliate of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), has settled more than 3,000 refugees from 40 countries into the Charlotte area. This year CRRA plans to resettle over 300 people predominately from Bhutan, Burma, Iraq, and Democratic Republic of Congo.

CRRA, working through HIAS and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, receives a Resettlement and Placement federal grant administered via the Department of State.  This grant covers basic services for refugees during their initial period of resettlement.  CRRA furnishes apartments and stocks them with food so that once the caseworker meets the newly arriving refugee at the Charlotte airport, they have a home. New arrivals receive help registering their children for school and obtaining Social Security cards and are able to attend classes for English as a Second Language (ESL).  Employment counselors endeavor to find them work.

Additional grants provide extended case management and employment services, orientation classes, and a small cash allowance.

Carolina Refugee Resettlement Agency
5007 Monroe Road, #101
Charlotte, NC  28205
Phone:  704-535-8803
Fax:  704-535-8806

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RSS:  www.refugeesupportservices.org

Refugee Support Services (RSS) helps refugees “arrive, survive, and thrive.”  When refugees arrive in Charlotte, they are helped by CRRA for the first 90 days, but then they are on their own.  That’s where RSS steps in to help … in 2006 RSS was founded and has continued to grow and evolve.  RSS facilitates rich relationships between refugees and the Charlotte community through the “Fruitful Friendships” program and assisting the refugee population at the weekly Help Center location.

Refugee Support Services
Galilee Center
3601 Central Avenue
Charlotte, NC  28205
Phone:  704-458-3245
Fax:  704-535-8806
RSS:  www.refugeesupportservices.org

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